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  Service FAQ
  What technical requirements does my computer need to meet, in order to use Researcher24?

The Browser, for example Internet Explorer, must be able to accept Cookies. Our Webshop uses Cookies with a so-called “Session ID”, which allows the server to recognize the user during the loading of different pages. However this Cookie is not saved permanently on your computer - it only remains in your computer memory until you end your Internet session and close down your Computer. The server must be able to recognize you as the user, in order to use the basket facility in our online shop - so that the list of articles which you have in your basket are not lost and are correctly assigned to you.

Is the transfer of data encrypted?

The transmission of personal data while in the Rs24 shop is carried out using SSL 128 Bit encryption.

Is it necessary to have Javascript activated?

For the use of the Rs24 shop, it is NOT necessary to activate Javascript. However, it is necessary for the use of a few information and contact functions, all of which lie outside the scope of the shop function itself.

What feature levels do the search products come in?

Rs24 services in the field of brands and brand-names are split into the following levels:

Identity: Identity Research;

Similarity: Identity and Similarity Research;

Light: Complete registration statements with respect to the area of Identity, general overview listing in the area of Similarity;

Pro: Complete statements in both the areas of Identity and Similarity.

You can request all products directly, combine them at will, and order them online in the Rs24 Shop System.

How are the results delivered?

The research products are delivered by post, by Fax, and by email (in PDF format).

How can I pay?

In the Shop System of Researcher24, you can choose between the following methods of payment :

Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa) via our online-payment provider Postbank, Direct Debit, C.O.D (for delivery by post), invoicing (for registered customers).

All prices quoted on Rs24 are inclusive of VAT.

Can I get a discount?

Researcher24 offers several attractive discount schemes. The innovative Shop System of Researcher24 differentiates between variable volume discounts and individual discounts for single products.

The non-adjustable volume discount at Researcher24 is, at the moment:

expenditure > 250 EUR = 2%

expenditure > 500 EUR = 3%

expenditure > 1000 EUR = 4%

each refers to the gross basket price.

Single products have additional product-related discounts (claimed via promotion codes). As a rule, these products are announced separately, in advertising banners, on the Start Page of Researcher24.

In addition to this, ‘special’ discounts can be offered. For example, at the moment, all law firms who are registered in the lawyer index on, the online magazine for brand-name owners, receive a long-term discount of 5%. Likewise, a turnover of over 500 Euro will qualify for free entry in the lawyer index, if you should request it.

Basically, all discounts, unless otherwise stated, can be combined and are valid for all research products on Researcher24.

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