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Solutions for Intellectual Property Rights

The significance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is increasing, since intangible assets are becoming scarcer. Every day there are new names, trademarks, patents and other IPR emerging all over the world. The mass media and new forms of communication are creating not only new challenges but also conflicting rights and infringements. Therefore, the protection of your intangible assets is becoming more and more important. Your trademarks and brands are a vital part of your business and are a crucial factor in delineating your business and services from those of your competitors. Whether you want to develop new names, adopt existing names as trademarks, enter new markets, register domains worldwide, monitor your IPR or track down pirated products and trademarks – you should consider a professional management of your intangible assets.

Researcher24 looks after these issues and offers a wide range of professional search services and products for the management of your IPR. To learn more about the advantages of Researcher24, please refer to the information provided on this site.

Service and Shop System

The Researcher24 front-end is a user-friendly, safe shop system with an integral order management that is specific to the special requirements of the Rs24 service. The 12 categories are clearly arranged, which enables you to choose quickly from the wide range of research possibilities. The shop system allows for a precise combination of individual research packets. It also offers a set of ready-made packages. The Rs24 order management simplifies your ordering, saves time and also generates cost advantages.

You will receive your research statement and the search results by email, post or fax and via the Rs24 order management system within 24 hours, depending on your order. You may pay by credit card, by direct debit, cash on delivery or by invoice.

Quality and Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Researcher24 is based on an in-house order processing system. This system enables an optimized work flow while searching and listing the results (back-end) and allows for easy access and management of the database which stores the search results (front-end). This combination of shop, order management and production leads to cost advantages and saves time. This is the foundation for the high quality and standards that are ensured by experienced Researcher teams and efficient controls.

Researcher24 is a service provided by researcher24 GmbH, a German company specializing in online services for IPR-Solutions. In this area of business, we support numerous national and international customers. researcher24 offers the following services:

  Markenbusiness Markenplatz
  Researcher24 TMsearcher24
  domainGuard IPRGuard
Researcher24 offers sevices and products for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Rs24 provides you with an extensive service, in 12 categories, that includes over 600 professional researches and products for your IPR management. Rs24 combines the classic searches for trademarks, company names, domains, registered designs and copyrights with the innovative IN USE research of IPRGuard. A select listing of services for law firms, choice literature and software products completes our offer.

Rs24 Trademarks
- Trademark search (online/offline)
- Proprietor search
- Device search
- Trademark watching
Rs24 Companies
- Company name search
- Company profiles
- Excerpts from the commercial register
- Company name watching
Rs24 Names
- Domain name search
- Telephone book entries search
Rs24 Registered Designs
- Utility model search
- Industrial design search
Rs24 Titles
- Protected title search
Rs24 In Use
- Brand monitoring and Investigation of
  Use of names, pictures and logos

Rs24 IPR Status
- Combined trademark-, company name-,
  protected titles and domain name search

Rs24 Complete
- Combined IPR-Status and In Use

Rs24 Linguistic Research
- Linguistic research in european and non-
  european languages

Rs24 Literature & Software
- Intellectual property related books
- Special software for intellectual property
Rs24 Services for Law Firms
- Legal directory
- Content service
- Virtual Law Firms
- Law Firm marketing
- PR for Law Firms
Rs24 Add Ons
- Namemaking
- Brand valuation
- Brand brokerage
- Brand development


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