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Rs24 Light IPR Status Trademarks+Company Names+Domains Germany, Similarity
Product number: IP0138
The Rs24 research delivers a reliable and precise basis of information for the answering of decisive questions concerning IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). Rs24 researches are the tool for avoiding conflicts early on, and for securing and increasing the value of immaterial assets.

You can choose whether you would like to pay in US Dollars or in Euros and the requested currency will be displayed automatically when ordering.

This service is subject to the Rs24 Quality Standard and includes the following general features:

Rs24 Light Trademarks Germany+EU Community+WIPO International, Similarity

  • trademark search in the three databases of the EU Community, the WIPO International Trademarks and the national database of Germany
  • we deliver a comprehensive search report with a listing of all identical trademarks
  • you will receive detailed database extracts for all identical results, including trademark images (if available)
  • extended search for similar trademarks
  • includes a list of the similar trademarks
  • all search steps are listed
  • search in up to three classes of goods and services based on the Nice Classification, for more classes we charge an additional 21.- EUR per class

Light Company Names Germany, Similarity

  • search of identical and similar company names in the national database of Germany
  • you will receive a list of all identical company names
  • extended search for similar company names
  • the similar company names and all search steps are listed

Light Domains Germany, Similarity

  • carries out an identity and similarity search amongst the top-level national domains in the member states as well as the generic top-level domains
  • all finds with ‘Who Is’ (domain owner) extract
  • limited to 1000 domain finds

Light Protected Titles Germany, Similarity

  • research of all identical protected titles
  • you will receive a comprehensive report with detailed documents for all identical finds
  • extended research for similar protected titles
  • you receive a list of similar titles and all search steps
  • international standard delivery by email (.pdf documents), please ask for delivery by post or fax.
  • duration: 48 to 72 hours; express: 24 hours (on workdays)
  • payment via credit card (VISA, Mastercard), (made by direct debit or cash on delivery for customers located in Germany only)
  • you can manage your order online by using the Rs24 Order Management Center.

* No legal advice is given by Rs24.

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Price starting from: 599,00 € Change to US-Dollar
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